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Pretty Framed Agate Slices
So I Married A
a small spot to sit down and reflect or put on shoes
trace hexagons

Thrift Score Thursday #74


Hey Guys! Holy cow has it been a while! I hope this has given everyone extra time to thrift and work on bringing us an amazing selection of thrift scores to pull features from! We had all taken a collective break last week and the week before I was at Haven Conference! But I’m really […]

What You’re Missing Out On At A Designer At Home


Hey Guys! Boy, am I sorry! I’ve completed neglected posting here and to make a long explanation short- I am eventually going to close up shop here. I am having a ton of fun developing A Designer At Home (and if you missed the announcement, it’s a new blog I started at the beginning of […]

Tiled Flip Top Ottoman Trays

tiled flip top ottoman tray with aqua grout

I dedicate this blog post to my mom. For being the only one who refers to this blogging gig as a “job” and for believing in me like only a mom could. For being there for her grandson in ways I never thought possible. And as an apology for all the things my son has […]

Thrift Score Thursday #72


Hey There Guys! If you didn’t catch last week’s post, I want to share the announcement with you: I started a new blog! I’m getting some things updated there so please check it out, let me know what you think and what you’d like to see! See it here- A Designer At Home. This week’s […]

Finding Inspiration for a Room Design

boho flower hand minted art

I normally do not operate like that. Finding a piece of fabric or an art piece that spurs a whole room transformation. In fact, fabric and artwork are normally some of the last stuff to be brought into a space for me. Maybe I just wasn’t looking in the right place because it’s finally happened. […]

Thrift Score Thursday #71

thrifted planter basket atop garden stool

Welcome Friends! I’m so sorry about missing last week. We’re working on replacing the floors in our bathroom and we’ve hit some pretty big speed humps along the way. This weekend we are finally putting the tile in and it’s such a huge relief! On top of being busy with the bathroom, I’ve also been […]

New Blog Announcement and a Giveaway

A Designer At Home Incentive Giveaway $25 Target Gift Card and Love The Home You Have book

Hey there! Today is the excited day that I’ve been anticipating and hinting at for weeks now. A Designer At Home has launched! What’s new? Why the change? For My Love Of is great and I’ve shared some of my most favorite projects here. But I’ve also shared a lot of projects and spaces that […]

Our Home’s Purpose Statement

My Home Purpose Statement

Hey Guys! Sorry I’ve been a little MIA here and there lately. I’ve been working my way through the Love The Home Your Have 31 day challenge and some of the tasks are easy, and others are a bit more time consuming because they’re things I’ve been putting off for too long. I’ve also been […]

Summer Kickoff Giveaway!

summer kick off giveaway

Hey Guys! It’s Summer! Lots of awesome things come with Summer. Like sunshine, vacations, Haven Conference and the Summer Kickoff Giveaway! Leigh Anne from HouseOlogie coordinated a fantastic Giveaway so one lucky person can start off summer fabulously! The prize? Oh, only this fabulous Kate Spade watch and… $375! Entries are EASY! All you have to […]

Thrift Score Thursday #69


Welcome Friends! Hello thrifters, drifters, and readers of #ThriftScoreThursday hosts blogs! We are happy you’re here and hope you love what you see! We are so excited to have Pam guest hosing with us today! Be sure to head on over there and give her some love! (her trick for window box planters is life […]

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