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Pin It! Gold Rhino Photo Holder with cute giant paperclip tutorial

Home Decorating Books

Home Decorating Books You Need to Gain INsight Feel Isnpired and Recharge Your Creativity

Growing up, I was an avid reader. Then the internet became easily accessible and I stopped reading so much. Late last year, though, I found myself in a slump with my home, creativity, and this blog. Around this time my husband afforded some books for me (and a few more have been added since) and […]

Beginning a Vegetable Garden from Seeds

placing a few seads atop soil in cardboard toilet paper rolls

So I’m starting my vegetable garden from seed this year and thought it would be helpful for you (possibly) and I if I documented the process and progress. Starting any plant from seed can be easy and involves minimal work. In fact, if you haven’t yet tried gardening, give it a go with both seeds […]

Thrift Score Thursday #57

mid century thrift store dresser for way more than it's worth

Happy Thursday Friends! Have you been hashtagging your thrifty finds on Instagram? I’ve been oohing and aahing over all the great finds and have been seriously kicking myself for not making it out to more thrift stores. Here are the finds that I fell hard for perusing the hashtag this week: PURSUINGVINTAGE [Account] [Photo] – […]

Moroccan Wedding Blanket Wall Hanging

fringe from cut yarn moroccan wedding blanket inspired wall hanging

One of my favorite things to create are wall hangings. With so many variations of wall hangings to choose from, I find myself making more than most people because I just have to have them all. And with Google telling me people visit here a lot because they’re searching for tutorials on how to make […]

Obsessed: Moroccan Wedding Blankets


So here’s the thing. I’m the kind of person that obsesses over something I like immediately within first glance. I normally obsess so bad that I stalk listings on all my favorite sites, dig into the deepest core of my brain for a dupe, and consider DIY as a way to get what I want. […]

Living Pretty With Your Pets

Resue black cat proud mommy For My Love Of shares his story

Hey Friends! I feel like I’m beginning to sound like a broken record this week. First I participated in the Terrys Fabrics Design Insights feature, then my first Contributor post went up on Remodelaholic, and now today I’d like to ask you to go visit my friend Julia, Cuckoo 4 Design (you have to know […]

Thrift Score Thursday #56 + Remodelaholic Contributor Post

thrifted craigslist score wicker chair extra seating for the living room

Welcome back! Today we’re celebrating all things thrifty. But before we jump into things, I wanted to share my first Remodelaholic contributor post with you! I’ve been sharing little peeks of this project the past few weeks as I’ve been wrapping it up and I’d really love for you to go check out how I […]

Designer Insights Feature


Hey guys! I was asked by Terrys Fabrics to participate in their Designer Insights feature and the feature is up! I am so honored to have participated and wanted to share the feature with you all. Courtesy of: Terrys Fabrics UK The two projects I decided to share for the feature were my Frog Tape […]

How to make a cheap lamp look expensive

brushed gold luxe look for cheap using rub n buff and inexpensive lamp

I’ve been obsessing over 2 things a lot the past 6+ months (well, that’s an understatement, I obsess over thousands of things at a minimum daily, but whatever). Brushed gold light fixtures and Arch lamps. So a while back I went on the hunt for the cheapest arch lamp I could find and ended up […]

Going from Blue Walls to White Walls: How To Paint Walls

Paint Over Any Bright Wall Color in Less than 2 Coats EASY!

Let’s dive into how I get an opaque covered wall in just 1.5 coats of paint. I’m going from fairly bright blue walls to white, and this has worked on all of living room (including my hexagon wall!). I wish I could say it can be done in 1 coat. But I’m a touch more […]

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