Garden Update: Loads of Baby Cucumber Plants and Wax Beans!

roots growing out the bottom of  carboard roll growing spinach

Spring is here and the weather has turned beautiful. I brought you all in on my journey with a vegetable garden recently and I wanted to pop in with an update on that. I almost scrapped this update to start anew because within a few days of taking the pictures, things had already grown more than […]

Thrift Score Thursday #60

tapered cacti candles atop vintage brass candle holders

Welcome Friends! Happy Thursday and Thanks for being here! Want to dive into a fun day of celebrating thrifting victories? Let’s do it! Please give a warm welcome to Shavonda of SG Style Blog, our guest co-host this week. When you visit her #ThriftScoreThursday post, be sure to also check out her Spring Blogger Stylin’ […]

Thrift Score Thursday #59

vintage hooker furniture 9 drawer dresser with large mirror danish inspired

Hello! Happy Thursday everyone! How have your thrifting adventures been going? Mine… Well, the last thrift store I walked into my little guy puked all over me and we left with nothing. But, that doesn’t mean I don’t have anything to share! My Score: I mentioned yesterday in my One Room Challenge Progress Update that […]

One Room Challenge: Week 2 Progress

working on painting walls

It’s been a week since I announced that I’d be hoping in on the One Room challenge and linking participants like myself are due to check in tomorrow morning! How’s the progress going? It feels like it’s going well enough. I was completely derailed by a baby chicken slumber party last weekend but they are home […]

Thrift Score Thursday #58

vintage hooker brand highboy dresser

Hello Everyone! I’m so grateful you’re here for another #ThriftScoreThursday! Thrifting outings have been few and far between so I’m stocked to share my find with you. But first, here’s the rules so you know how to play! ◾We want you to participate! Hit up your local thrift stores, craigslist, yard sales, estate sales, side […]

One Room Challenge- Welcome to my bedroom


If you’re stopping in from the One Room Challenge link up, welcome! I’d love to virtually meet you! Please leave a comment letting me know where you hail from! And if you’re a blogger, let me know your blog so I can come get to know you! Ohmygoodness guys. I’m posting super late in the […]

Home Decorating Books

Home Decorating Books You Need to Gain INsight Feel Isnpired and Recharge Your Creativity

Growing up, I was an avid reader. Then the internet became easily accessible and I stopped reading so much. Late last year, though, I found myself in a slump with my home, creativity, and this blog. Around this time my husband afforded some books for me (and a few more have been added since) and […]