A Thrifted Sitting Space with DIY himmeli wall art tutorial

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Howdy Friends!

Today I’m going to take you through a corner of my living room. This is the Fourth week of the Creating With The Stars contest. I’m not a contestant, but I did really want to participate. So, I’ve been following along the themes of each week and have created something within the week’s theme. If you’ve missed it Week 1- Stria West Elm Dresser Knock Off, Week 2- Southwestern Inspired Accent Wall, Week 3- Copper Pipe and Fish Bowl Wall Lamps (this one was chosen as the week’s Link Up winner, whoo!)

This week I’m going to show you how I created a Himmeli inspired decorative wall art piece.

Pin It! Himmeli Wall Art Tutorial by ForMyLoveOf

Let me take you through the rest of the area first. Loads of DIY’s that I’ve already shared on the blog so I link to those tutorials as I mention them.

A DIY Decorated Seating Area ForMyLoveOf

If I start from the far left of this space, there’s a window outifitted with a DIY gold bamboo curtain rod and a simple canvas drop clothe. The drop clothe is receiving a makeover soon. It’s a technique we’re all familiar with, but it’s probably not what you’d expect. *suspense*

Rattan Chair In Sitting Area With Copper Pipe and Fish Bowl Lamp and Palm Tree Beside Broyhill China Cabinet

The piece you’re seeing a sliver of on the wall is a Giant Aztec Inspired Wall Art piece I DIY’ed and shared on It’s Overflowing. Underneath that is the Copper Pipe and Fish Bowl Wall Lamps I completed for last week’s challenge.

DIY Himmeli Inspired Wall Art Tutorial Basic Pyramids and Steel Wrapped Planter On Three Tiered Antique Shelf

Beside the Lamp is a vintage three tiered shelving unit. What’s especially cool about this piece it that the shelves fold up to be a decorative piece. I inherited this piece from my great grandmother.

DIY Himmeli Inspired Wall Art Tutorial Basic Pyramids and Steel Wrapped Planter

Atop the three shelves are Steel Wrapped Planters with bright teal rocks. On the second shelf you can see little himmeli pyramids that I created for demonstration.

For My Love Of blog Sitting Corner with DIY Pallet Art Curtain Rod Copper Pipe and Fish Bowl Wall Lamps Craigslist Furniture Links in Blog Post to Tutorials

In front of the corner of this room is a bamboo arm chair. It’s very comfortable, but a little bland for my taste. We picked her up off craigslist for $45 and she’s awaiting a makeover.

Overview of Seating Area In Living Room Loaded with Tutorials for DIY and Craigslist Furniture ForMyLoveOf

On her other side is a large majesty palm in a cool herringbone wire basket. I finally found these baskets at my local Target in the baby section.

Palm Tree in Target Herringbone Basket Browhill China Cabinet Fiddle Leaf Fig and Himmeli Inspired Wall Art

Along the adjacent wall is my score of the century.  She’s a 1950’s Broyhill china cabinet. I’ve already talked about her extensively in my first of many #Craigslistscore blog post. Atop the cabinet is the DIY scrap materials sunburst art piece.

Happy Fiddle Leaf Fig Broyhill China Cabinet DIY Himmeli Wall Art Tutorial

Beside the china cabinet is the himmeli piece I made. (And a VERY happy fiddle leaf fig from Ikea).

What I Used

*Round Brass Tube 12″,1/8″ (15), hacksaw (or dremmel tool), steel wire, wire cutters.

How Long It Took

Less than 1 hour

The Process

I’m going to show you the process with those little pyramids I showed above. The piece I made in on the wall was made on a whim, so I have no during photos of that piece.

You’ll need to first cut your tubing to the desired lengths. For a small pyramid that was 6 pieces that were 2 inches each. I used a hacksaw because that’s what I had available. I understand a dremmel tool would work as well.

Cut Pieces Of Brass Tubing formyloveof

Straighten out a long piece of steel wire and string 3 pieces of brass tubing onto the wire creating a triangle shape.

Create A Triangle Shape WIth Brass Tubing formyloveof

Tuck the end of the wire into one of the pieces to secure the shape.

Tuck the Excess wire into one of the other tubes formyloveof

Run two more pieces of tube on the wire, then loop the excess wire through one of the tubes.

Adding 2 more pieces of brass tubing to wire formyloveof

Run the last piece of brass tubing onto the wire and connect the pyramid shape by tucking in excess wire into one of the adjacent tubes.

String the last piece of tube onto the wire formyloveof

You could make as many shapes as you can imagine. Like the one on my wall! It helps to kind of start stringing things together and start to see where it goes.

Two finished himmeli pyramids formyloveof

I chose actual metal for these projects instead of straws because these supplies are actually leftover from a light fixture I made (*suspense* that one is still in the works). Light bulbs don’t normally get so hot that they’d melt straw, but you really can never be too careful!

A Thrifted and DIY Seating Area With Himmeli Wall Art Tutorial By ForMyLoveOf

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  1. LOVE those! Also your “DIY” labeled pics made me laugh. I read it like you were that kid from the old Shake and Bake commercials who was SUPER pumped that he helped make dinner. (you should be proud, I just got a cute mental image about it.)

  2. I love the way you think and create Corinna. Great post.

  3. SUPER creative and great explanation on the tutorial. I love all the DiY you have in your home!

  4. I LOVE YOUR SITE!!! I found you over @ remodelaholic link party and am SUPER glad I did! That hutch is gorgeous and the Himmel Wall art??? Amazing! New follower here for sure!

  5. Love how you made a lot of the things in your room yourself. It’s inspiring to others to try to personalize their spaces by being creative.

  6. I love graphic pieces, so this is neat! It reminds me of the kites I made in science class in high school out of straws and string. I never thought to use that technique for decor!

    Thanks for sharing on Hump Day Happenings : )

  7. This room looks fabulous! I need you to come and design my house for me! Thanks for sharing this with Hump Day Happenings. I hope you will join us again next week!

  8. Ann McMains says:

    Love your site, and your creations! You have real talent, appreciate what you can do and keep on crafting!

  9. Stopping by via the Best Shot link party. I love your colorful, MCM style – you speak my language! Can’t wait to see more work 🙂


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