Art for a Child’s Nursery (Carson’s Room Art Sources)

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Most of the artwork in Carson’s room was created by myself. I gathered a lot of inspiration from Pinterest to recreate or expand on ideas. I’d like to share the original sources with you so that you can create, recreate, or feel inspired to create something else!

Set of 3 animal printsThese 3 prints were created using old (dollar store) frames that were sanded (with dollar store sand paper!) and repainted. The glass was removed. Scrapbook paper was cut to fit. I then print out silhouettes of three animals that I wanted in the three frames. I used double sided tape to adhere the animals to the scrapbook paper background. Easy!

3pieceanimalartcollageThe inspiration behind this trio was The Cottage Market‘s post, “All About Color… Brought to you by the color PINK!” Honestly I hadn’t read the post before I created my own rendition. But, don’t you just love the wooden animal cut outs? I may just have to try again if there’s a baby #2 in my future.


Sea Life Taxidermy Art

Sea Life Taxidermy Art

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESThis really cool Sea Life Taxidermy Art was inspired by the “Miniature Mounted Menagerie” post over at Harpers Happenings. There is a really great tutorial, so if you’re interested in making one yourself, hop on over there! I have to add though, if you decide to use larger critters, like in my recreation, you should have no trouble simply cutting through them with a pair of scissors!

Sunflower, Bottle, and Jellyfish Art

Sunflower, Bottle, and Jellyfish Art

The glass bottle was a baby shower gift. We ended up switching to a different bottle, which was perfect considering I’ve had this idea in my mind for ages now. I had found a pinned image on Pinterest of some beautiful glass bottles with the caption, “All you need is any glass container (preserves jars, milk bottles) then pour a dollop of paint into the bottle and gradually rotate/swirl the paint inside until the paint coats the entire interior.” Unfortunately I haven’t found an original source with original pictures and instructions, otherwise I would link directly to something.

You can find out more about the Jellyfish print here.

Handmade "I AM A CHILD OF GOD" Art

Handmade “I AM A CHILD OF GOD” Art

The “I AM A CHILD OF GOD” Art was hand created. It was inspired by the following image (which links up here, not sure of this source!)

I hand painted the words onto a piece of wood canvas (bought from Joann’s) following the instructions on “P” is for Personalize #2. If you’re at all interested, definitely hop on over there for full instructions for painting any font onto anything!

Pegboard over changing tableRESThis pegboard project was inspired by an amazing pegboard hanging over a child’s changing table. My son didn’t receive his own room until he was 1. Unfortunately, that meant that things like cute baskets holding all the essentials would be one more thing he could pull and tug and rip out of it’s intended state. So I improvised and turned it into a big statement piece.

Hudson’s “Vintage University” Nursery via Project Nursery.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESAs for the two mobiles in Carson’s room, they were loosely based on several inspiring Pinterest images.

Olive’s DIY Vintage Inspired Nursery via Project Nursery

Owen’s Room via Project Nursery (There is another really cute mobile/light fixture here too!)

*While there are and have been many others pinned to my “Home: Little Boy Nursery Inspiration” Pinterest Board, many of them do not lead to a webpage. Those ones have been omitted from this collection.

I sure hope you’ve enjoyed this source list. I hope you’ll stop on by some of these pages and I hope you feel inspired much like I did! I still routinely pin to the Little Boy Nursery Inspiration Board so go Follow it for more great ideas!


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