Bleached Herringbone Curtain Tutorial

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I love Herringbone. It’s geometric without being messy. I feel like it’s a classy pattern. I’ve been looking for a way to incorporate the pattern into my office design. I’ve also been looking for inspiration to DIY curtains in the same room. So I married the two. I knew I could sharpie the design onto the curtain, but it wouldn’t give me the punch of color I wanted. After some thought, I decided to reverse the Sharpie idea. Instead of drawing the pattern onto the curtain, I would bleach it out.

Pin It Bleach Herringbone Curtain Tutorial

Here's what I used:
Bleach Pens
Canvas Drop Cloth
Fabric Dye
Tape Measure and Yard Stick

The first step to creating these curtains are to dye the canvas drop cloths. There are directions on the various different kinds, so just make sure you’re following the directions specific to the one you pick up. The color I chose is Royal Blue.

Once the panels are dyed, wash and dry them. This should set the dye and give you a clean surface to work on.

Take the panels into a space with a large flat surface and plenty of ventilation.

Start by outlining your panels. The edges of inexpensive canvas drop clothes are uneven so it’ll make everything easier by giving yourself even lines to work with. Then mark your vertical lines. For both the outer edges and the vertical lines I used the fat side of the bleach pen.

Pin It Bleach Herringbone Curtain Tutorial

Then you’ll want to connect and create the herringbone pattern. To do this, start with the first line. Measure down however far you want your pattern angled on the next line. Connect the top of the first line with the measured distance down the second line. Then connect that spot of the second line with the top of the third, etc. To do the next row of zig zags, the top of the next line starts where the second row’s line ended. And etc. etc.

Pin It Bleach Herringbone Curtain Tutorial

My curtains are mostly hidden by bookcases. So I cheated and only did the pattern where it’d be visible. There’s your time saving tip!

Pin It Bleach Herringbone Curtain Tutorial

Pin It Bleach Herringbone Curtain Tutorial

Ever bleached a curtain before? What pattern would you want bleached onto a curtain?

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  1. polly plum says:

    such a clever idea!I never thought of using the bleach opens for anything other than getting stains out of white clothes. Our Home Depot and Lowe’s only have white and off-white dropcloths- Where do you get blue?

  2. polly plum says:

    oops, disregard previous comment-I just reread your directions more carefully and saw that you dyed the dropcloths blue before drawing the design on them with the bleach pen.:)

  3. I love these! Seems easy enough even for me. I am going to have to remember this for my next house.

  4. Love! These turned out amazing!

  5. polly plum says:

    Where would we find The Love Nerds?

    • You can either visit the direct link to the new curtains here>>Gold Duct Tape Curtains or you can visit the homepage!

  6. Great idea!! Thanks for sharing with us <3

  7. Fun idea!

  8. Love these curtains!
    You are being featured today at Your Designs This Time!

    Emily & Erin @ Elizabeth Joan Designs


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