Bohemian Arrow Art Tutorial

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You know how I’ve been working on my Home Office for ages now, right? Well, I think I’m finally getting to the very few last things before I can share the completed space! Before the end of the year, at least ;)! One spot that’s receiving it’s final details is my Inspiration Gallery Wall located above my computer desk. One of those final details is this fantastic little handmade bohemian arrow and I’m going to share the tutorial with you right now!

Handmade Bohemian Arrow Art Tutorial for Home Office Gallery Wall

What You’ll Need

Crafts Feathers, Gold Paint, Paint Brush/Foam Brush, Hot Glue and Gun, Jute Twine, Push Pins, Wooden Dowel, scrap cardboard. If you’re a craft hoarder, you may very well have everything you need to make one!

How Long It Takes

About 20 Minutes

The Process

Start with painting the feathers with gold paint. The feathers don’t sit very stiff so something simple like lines are an easy way to go. Either use a small craft paint brush or the tip of an inexpensive foam brush.

paint thin gold lines onto white feathers

Continue by flattening the ends of the feathers so that they lie flat when laid atop one another. Use hot glue to attach two together, then again to attach them to the wooden dowel. Play with placement to see where they look best to you.

flatten feather tips and hot glue one atop the other onto dowel rod

Pull out a long length of jute twine and hot glue the end of it near the end of where your first set of feathers start. Begin wrapping the jute twine around the dowel rod, and criss-cross over the feathers to make it appear like the jute is holding them in place.

hot glue feathers in place and wrap with jute twine

Hot glue the other end of the jute twine in place.

wrap jute twine around end of dowel rod and hot glue in place

Now take a scrap piece of cardboard, not the corrugated kind, but the kind that boxed food goods normally come in. Cue out the arrow head shape of your choosing. You can freehand it or use a template, I free-handed mine to give it the handmade look I was going for. Paint it with the same gold paint.

paint free hand arrow with gold acrylic paint

Hot glue the arrow head to the dowel rod. Place the arrow face down on a flat surface and hot glue tacks to the back of the dowel rod, checking to make sure they’re standing straight up.

hot glue arrow point to dowel rod

Push the arrow into the wall, and shazam! You’ve got yourself a really cool  looking wall art piece.

Bohemian DIY arrow part of home office gallery wall of inspiration

Along side some inspiration tid-bits and gold animals with giant paperclips growing out of their backs and I’m starting to feel like this space reflects me. Here’s a sneak peek-

Sneak Peek Home Office Gallery Wall of Inspiration

And here’s a close up of my creation. I’m pretty thrilled with it, obviously.

Handmade Bohemian Arrow Art Tutorial

create a piece for your gallery wall

Have you made unusual art for your walls before? Please share in the comments! I’m always looking for inspiration for my home!

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  1. I love the feathers you used for this. What a unique piece!

  2. This is awesome! And it looks so simple! YAY.


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