Braided Leather Hanging Planter Tutorial

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I’ve got a really fun tutorial for you today! We all know leather projects are hot right now. I prefer to use pleather, animal rights, yo. This project is great for the leftover fabric for a larger project. Or a fresh project. Either way, you’ll add a wonderful houseplant to your home!

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What You’ll Need

Pleather/Leather fabric, hot glue gun, plant pot, plant

How Long It Takes

About 1 Hour

The Process

So, to be honest, you could totally buy leather cord to do this project. I live the recycle life though and had 3 yards of cheap pleather hanging around from other projects. So I decided to upcycle the remnants. This is pretty easy. Just cut strips about 1 cm wide the full 3 yards for a long hanger. There will be extra, and this makes a very long hanger.

cut thin strips of pleather

With those strips, fold and hold glue the fold in place. I laid down a line of glue, folded quickly pressing and squeezing the glue within the fibers of the pleather backing.

fold thin strips of pleather in half and hot glue in place

Hold the ends of three of these strands together. Pull the middle thread about 8 inches higher than the other two and fold over to create a hoop. Tuck the extra cord into the strands below the hoop. You can use tape to hold this in place. Start braiding, tucking the end of that middle thread from the loop into the braid to conceal it and add stability to the hoop. This turned out to be a bad idea. Do not attempt to do it this way. Remember in my Sharpie Doodle Decorative Plate Display post when I said I worried that if I tried a DIY plate hanging that they would come crashing down in the middle of the night and I’d pee the bed? Almost happened when this hanging planter crashed to the ground. Instead tied an overhand knot but leave the cord in a loop to hang on.

braid pleather

Tie a loop knot to hang your braided leather hanging planter

Braid as long as you want your cord to be. When you reach as long as you want the braid to reach, tie two square knots (I have close up pictures on how to do this in the DIY Macrame Wall Hanging tutorial). Now you’ll have three loose cords and you can jazz these up with simple overhand knots. I tied several at equal distances as far down as what I needed for my plant pot to rest with room for my plant. I just held mine up several times during the process to eyeball this.

use square knots and overhand knots

Once I had the spot figured out, I held the strands straight and tied them all into one large overhand knot. Then braid a bit more, and tie another overhand knot (a square knot would leave two strands hanging out to the sides and looks wonky). Finish off the strands by cutting to your desired length and tying the ends into an overhand knot.

final braid

Pennies of cheap pleather, A dollar store plant pot, and a third of a 1.5 gallon boston fern that I picked up for $9.98. So that’s $3.33 + $1.00 + $.50= less than $5.00!

Make This Braided Leather Hanging Planter for Less Than $5!

The weather was BEAUTIFUL and there was loads of SUNSHINE so I took pictures outside. The planter is going in an ultra top secret location, but I will share it’s forever home when the space doesn’t look like it was recently victim to a tornado. Projects, they’re always going on here! But here’s a few more pics-

braided leather hanging planter DIY close up


DIY Braided Leather Hanging Planter Tutorial

I hope you’ve enjoyed this project! Have you ever created a new project out of another project’s remnants? I’d love to hear about it! Don’t forget to let the internet know you enjoyed this project by sharing it!

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  1. This is such a neat idea! I love how the leather looks with the greenery!

  2. I am loving all your leather crafts!


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