DIY Kitchen Canister Chalkboard Labels (Tutorial Tuesday)

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Remember my Medicine Cabinet Chalkboard? I had so much leftover DIY Chalkboard paint that I decided to take on Tutorial II! This tutorial will show you how I made the chalkboard labels on the canisters that I store my baking goods in. I bought the Oggi 5 Piece Acrylic Canister Set from Amazon a few months ago. I was going to try out a recipe for homemade diaper wipes, but with the rewards system Pampers had, and the bad diaper rash our boy has gotten from other wipes and soaps, we’ve just kept using the wipes we’ve been buying. So now I’ve got loads of awesome canisters (as well as the glass ones we used to store the fruit and lettuce salads at Carson’s birthday party). The pity gift for participating in the Frog Tape earn your stripes challenge were 2 rolls of the skinny frog tape, a t-shirt, and a reusable shopping bag. I used the leftover DIY Chalkboard paint and the free tape to complete this project. How awesome is that? I’m not sure if I mentioned it before, but to make the DIY chalkboard paint, I used unsanded grout that we found in the garage of our new home and leftover paint from our hexagon wall. Sweet, right? You’re more than welcome to come use some of the unsanded grout and leftover paint, I’ve got loads of it!

Anyways, this is a really simple project to complete to add some organization to your life. Not only will everyone (just ask my husband about the puffy cookies, haha!) know what’s in the containers, but you can use cute containers that fit with your decor! As I mentioned, you’ll need tape, unsanded grout, and paint. I used leftover wall paint but I have read that DIY chalkboard paint works great with acrylic paints too! I used a disposable cup and one of our many paint sticks to mix it and a foam brush to paint it on. Easy peasey and cheap supplies!
I’m pretty happy with my new work station :) We bought this little “island” when we moved into our tiny little apartment for more counter space. It was $120 (if I’m remembering correctly) at Big Lots. It’s been worth every penny and I love that we now get to use it as a prep station. We just recently put the shelf up. I’m thinking it’s going to need a center bracket which is why I keep the glass canisters on the bottom. But it’s still super useful and super cute.


I’m rambling, sorry! So here’s where I started. I just eyeballed a rectangle and taped it off. I’m not a very precise person. If it’s easy on the eyes, it’s good enough for me. I’m sure any kind of tape will do- painter’s, masking, packing. I used painter’s but I think, if I do it again, I’ll use masking taper because it’s stickier and the painter’s slipped a bit.

The canister’s were already pretty clean so I just gave the area a quick wipe down with rubbing alcohol. Honestly, I don’t know if this makes a difference. I’ve read it in a few places so I went ahead and tried it. The chalkboard paint can chip off if you try to chip it off. So I wouldn’t at all say this step prevents that. Jus’ sayin’.


Once my canisters were prepped and dried, that’s when I mixed my chalkboard paint. I used this recipe. It’s okay. I wasn’t thrilled. I’ve never used store bought though so I have nothing to compare it to. I also don’t know if the grout sitting in the moist garage was an issue. It works though and that’s really all I could ask for.


I painted a thick layer on each canister and let them dry for a few days. It doesn’t take that long, but I’ve got a toddler and that’s sometimes how long it takes me to get back to a project 😉


I hope you think they’re as cute as I think they are. There’s nothing gaudy about them. In fact, I took raw pictures of them so you could see how quaint and quiet they are. Nothing flashy. Just a pop of fun color and organization.


You could put whatever you want in your canisters. These are the most popular baking ingredients in our house. You could also use a chalk pen. You can create cuter, brighter designs. But I like how easy real chalk wipes off. I’m a simpleton.


This blank wall had been bothering me for quite some time. If we stay here long enough, we’ll likely take the wall down. But for now, the wall needs a purpose, and it provides extra counter and shelf storage.


I’ve been neglecting our kitchen space because it’s “good enough” but I’ve had a couple things on my mind. I think these DIY Kitchen Canister Chalkboard Labels are inspiring me.


Are there any spaces in your home you’ve been neglecting in favor of spaces that simply “need” it more?


Do you think you’ll try this project out? I’m always eager for feedback, I hope you’ll leave some! Or we could just chit chat some!


My grandpa made us this cool knife holder for Christmas a few years ago. It’s sweet, and works great since there’s no pre-sized slots. I like how it compliments the butcher block top, which I think compliments the blue labels.


And you can even see how the color flows from room to room here! Sorry if I’m all over the place! I returned to work Monday and I’m quite frazzled. It’s hard missing my little guy and I’m feeling exhausted. Wish me luck!

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