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Free Printable and Tutorial to Bling it up Bar Cart Parks and Recreation Inspired

Hello! Good Morning! I’m sharing my first ever free printable with you today. This isn’t really a specialty, so I don’t know how often I’ll have something to share with you. But, as I learn, I’ll share what I create with you. On top of the free printable, I’ll show you how to bling it up, and I have some other fab projects to share with you. All just in the nick of time for Thanksgiving!

Do you watch Parks and Recreation? I’m such a fan! This printable is inspired by the clip I’ve inserted below. I’ve translated into bar cart art. Everything from the “Treat Yo Self” to The sequins in Tom’s sequin jacket to the mimosas being served beside it. This is a very real obsession in my life. If after you watch the clip, you find yourself confused, watch this youtube clip or just watch the show.

So if you dig it and want one for yourself, check out the how-to below! And don’t forget to stay tuned until the end for 10 other crafts and recipes to amp up your Thanksgiving this year!

What You’ll Need:

Sequin Trim, Hot Glue, Tacky Glue, Free Printable (links at the end!)

How To Recreate:

Take the end of the sequin trim and use a very small dollop of hot glue to hold the extra length of string down to the back.

use glue to mash down frayed string ends

small dollop of hot glue to get started

Then place another small dollop of hot glue onto the first point of the Y. Press the end of the sequins into the glue.

Use craft knife to cut between sequins

Lie the sequins out onto the Y to figure out where to cut the sequin trim. Cut and use another small dollop of glue and mash the frayed end onto the back of the sequins.
lie down thin strip of tacky glue along the first letter
Lie a small ribbon of the tacky glue over the letter.
use a dull pencil to spread tacky glue out
Use a toothpick/pencil/whatever is nearby to spread the glue out.
lie down sequin ribbon
Lie the sequins atop the glue when it’s gotten tacky.
while glue is still wet maneuver sequins to be smooth with the letter

Repeat the same steps for the O. The glue takes some time to dry so you’ll have the time to slide things to look just right. Once the glue is died, you’re good to slip it into a frame (mine’s a frame from the dollar store!). Find yourself a vintage pitcher and fill it with orange juice, set out a bottle of champagne, and set up your cool new bar cart art! Treat Yo Self!

Vintage Bar Cart with Parks and Recreation Inspired Bar Cart Art
Free Printable to create blinged out Parks and Rec Bart Cart Art
DSC_1521Treat Yo Self to some mimosas
The “Yo” font is not really great quality, so it prints a bit pixelated. I’ve given you color options just in case you don’t mind, though!
Download Treat Yo Self Black
Download Treat Yo Self Cyan
Download Treat Yo Self Emerald
Download Treat Yo Self Purple
Download Treat Yo Self Hunter Green
Download Treat Yo Self Maroon
Download Treat Yo Self Chartreuse
Download Treat Yo Self Pink

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  1. This is super cute! Love the touch of glam that the sequins add.

  2. When I saw the preview of this post in my Bloglovin’ feed, I read “Treat yo self” in Tom’s voice and wondered if this was a reference to the show! My boyfriend and I are obsessed with this show. We have been watching it on Netflix for the past couple months and are almost done with the 6th season. It’s such a funny show!

  3. This is so fun! I have a friend who says this all the time. I am going to make one for her asap!

  4. This is really cool! Found you via the blog hop! laura

  5. This is so awesome!! Loving the sparkly sequins, it’s the perfect touch!! 🙂

  6. Ah!!! This is TOO good! Tom is my spirit animal and this is one of the best episodes of P&R! I love how blangin’ you made it with that sequin trim 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing at The Makers!

  7. Oh, I will absolutely be making this ASAP! Maybe even a possible Christmas gift idea for a couple friends. 🙂

  8. Ha!!! I cannot read that phrase without hearing it in Tom or Donna’s voice. Love that show 🙂 And I love how this turned out! So funny, and so cute, too 🙂

  9. Such a great idea to use sequins. This is great! Thanks for linking up to Dare to DIY

  10. Love this! It just ads the right amount of Christmas sparkle to your sign. Your bar cart looks fantastic!!

  11. I love this so stinking much!! It’s amazing!! Obviously I’m a huge Parks & Rec fan since my nursery is a Ron Swanson theme, but I feel like this printable is basically my life motto! Insanely creative idea. Bravo Corinna!!!


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