Happy New Year- Best of For My Love Of 2014

Oh my goodness, y’all. It’s freaking New Years Eve. Say Whaa?!

While it may not have been exactly a fabulous year here at For My Love Of, I’m still pretty stinkin’ excited about the growth of this little blog. Not to mention I’ve had the chance to meet and share with all of you! That’s pretty spectacular in my book. Besides, 2015 is going to be my year. I’m confident about that.

Since becoming a Jetpack Plugin user, I have absolutely LOVED the end of the year “Annual Report” highlighting the successes of my blog. If you’re a blogger and aren’t yet using Jetpack, do it now so you can get one of the fabulous reports they send. Here’s the link to mine, since we’re BFF’s and all: http://jetpack.me/annual-report/62205127/2014/


Before anything else, I want to shout out a couple of people. First, the top referring sites. I seriously thank each and every one of you for sharing and linking back to my blog. It helps me reach out to new friends, and that is a really awesome feeling.

TaterTotsAndJello.com, I guested posted a himmeli light fixture tutorial here, and was featured here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here. Seriously, Jen, call me 😉

DesignerTrapped.com, My stria dresser knock off was included in a West Elm knock off round up alongside loads of great inspiration.

Remodelaholic.com, I guest posted the tutorial for my hexagon painted wall in 2013 and was featured here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here. Cassity has done tremendous things with that blog and I hope to be a greater part of it in 2015.

StyleLovely.com, One link to my Naked Lamp Shade tutorial and their readers loved it.

Pinterest.com, Check out all of my pinned posts here.

And second, I want to shout out and thank the top commenters. It counts my own comments, and I always try to respond, so I’m on the list. Awkward. But, I really love hearing back from you all. Hint, hint, speak up and leave me a comment (even if it’s just to say “hi!”). These four ladies are awesome. Not just for leaving me so much great feedback, but also because they’re all bloggers with fabulous blogs.

Emily from ElizabethJoanDesigns.com

Jenna from ASavoryFeast.com

Erlene from MyPinterventures.com

Brynne form TheGatheredHome.com

Now, here are the top posts. My top post was a post from 2013. I never would’ve known so many people would want to know how to stencil and paint their own Hexagon Wall!

How to Stencil your own Hexagon Wall

DIY Macramé Wall Hanging Tutorial

West Elm Stria Dresser Knock Off

Naked Lamp Shade Pendant Light

How to Decorate a Dresser

 (I don’t have an image that I own from this post, It’s my New Years Resolution to create pinnable images for every post in 2015)

Taking all of this into account, I think 2015 will include more Knock Offs, more How To Decorate post, and more Tutorials. Which is fine by me, those are my favorite types of posts to create! If there’s something specific you’d like to see from me on this blog, please leave me a comment or email me anytime!

And it’s not mentioned in the Annual Report, but I earned 3rd place in the FrogTape “Earn Your Stripes” contest for my Southwestern Inspired Pastel Painted Wall. I figured that was definitely something worth throwing into the mix here! It landed me in the local newspaper, too. It was a very surreal experience that I am so thankful to have experienced.

Southwestern Inspired Pastel Painted Feature Wall ForMyLoveOf

Make sure you stop back by tomorrow. I have a special start of the New Year announcement to make. I’m straight giddy about it, so at least humor me and tell me it’s as awesome as I feel it is 😉

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  1. You should be proud of your accomplishments, Corinna, you are full of enthusiasm and awesome ideas! Here’s to 2015! <3

  2. Great projects! Hands down my favorite is that amazing dresser! Pinning again! =)

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