Painted Coir Welcome Mat

Hello Y’all!

Welcome! Do you have a rug at your front door to welcome your guests? I know I do! It came with the house, and it’s dreadful. The whole porch could really use a facelift, but I’ve started with such an easy project! Painting a coir mat is not revolutionary or new, but the possibilities are as endless as your imagination. I wanted to share with you what my imagination created.

Pin It! Painted Welcome Mat, no fancy cutting machines or software!

What I Used

Leftover Latex Wall Paint, SINDAL Ikea coir mat, Painter’s Tape, Paint Brush, Stencil, Craft knife

How Long It Took

1 Hour + Dry Time

The Process

sindal rug from ikea prepped for diy

I started by taping of every part of the mat that I planned on taping. I used basic painter’s tape, because I’ve got so much lying around. But there are specialty painter’s tapes that are meant for adhering to rough and textured surfaces. If you’re not for the #yolo life, definitely look into those types!

 tape off the areas you want to cut your stencil into

So if you’re new here, I have a long wall in my living room that I painted a hexagon patterned accent wall onto. I’m the home with the hexagon wall. I like to repeat the pattern in little ways throughout the house to make some sense of it and make our home feel a bit more cohesive. With that in mind, I went ahead an ran with the hexagon pattern. I used Paint program to paste together a hexagon I found on google images. I printed my template and held it atop a piece of cardboard. Using a craft knife, I cut the hexagons into the cardboard.

cut shapes into cardboard

The cardboard with hexagons cut into it was my stencil. I then held that over my mat and used the craft knife again the cut the shapes into the painter’s tape. I pressed the edges of the hexagons firmly into the coir.

 use cardboard stencil to cut shapes into painters tape

With a simple angled brush, I stippled the leftover latex wall paint onto the cut outs. It took some work to get it into all the knots of the coir, but it didn’t take very long. Instant gratification with a bit of elbow grease!

 finished cutting hexagons out of painters tape

stipple paint where you want paint

I pulled the painter’s tape back and allowed the paint to dry overnight. There’s a morning dove couple who builds their nest atop the light on our front porch, so I’ve laid the mat out. But in order not to disturb our spring time guests, I spent minimal time hanging out to take pictures. You totally understand, right? You’re the best.

morning doce daddy sitting atop eggs in the nest on our porch light


hello on a welcome mat

Now this may have something to do with the braided coir, it may turn out better with the stiff coir haired rugs, but my hexagons pretty much look like polka dots. I’m not crazy about polka dots, but I don’t hate the way the hexagon blobs look either.

 hexagon blobs on welcome mat

good welcome mat vs bad welcome mat

This project was inspired by the infamous Sarah Dorsey’s Chevron painted rug. It’s the 5th project I’ve completed as part of the 6 week long Pinterest challenge. Basically, you try to complete something you’ve pinned every week for 6 weeks. Sweet, right? You should check out my other projects too! Week 1: DIY Geode Specimen Art Tutorial, Week 2: Gold Rhino Desktop Photo Holder, Week 3: Steel Wrapped Planters tutorial, Week 4: Steel Wrapped Planters tutorial. Don’t forget to come back next week for my final project!

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  1. This turned out great! I would love love love for you to come and link up at link it or lump it, live every Sunday morning.

  2. Really pretty mat and I heart your bird friend too.

  3. I’ve always wanted to do a painted welcome mat. I like that you’ve commited to doing a project every week from Pinterest. I just started doing this myself since I pin and need to start doing. Thanks for sharing your project on Merry Monday.


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