Project: Carson’s Bedroom

Hello today! I’m really excited to present you with our first big project in our new home.

Carson’s bedroom!

Due to some problems we had with closing on our first home on time, Carson did not have his own bedroom until he was 3 months old. Its been 4 months and, sadly, we do not even have the crib assembled.



I think it’s safe to say- It’s time for Carson to have his own room.

Do you follow me on Pinterest? You should! I’ve started collecting inspiration for what to do in his room.


Aren’t boy bedrooms adorable? From nursery to big-boy to teen, the colors and themes are so much fun!

I’m really torn between a “nautical” or “woodland creature” theme. We live close to the beach. The rest of our house is “beachy.” I feel like a nautical bedroom would flow with the rest of our home. But, we initially bought bedsheets and curtains for a woodland creature theme. Any advice on what I should do?


Anything, right?

The space is awful. I’ve wanted nothing less than the best for my son, so this is getting a major facelift! My project deadline is June 6th, Carson’s first birthday!

I hope you’ll join me on this first big home project!

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