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Hello Y’all!

Today marks the 6th project in the 6 week Pinterest Challenge. I have a blank space of wall above the pass through between the kitchen and family room. So, I thought I’d tackle this pin that features decorative plates. The website the pin originates from is in Spanish, of which I know very little of (thanks to those 4 years of Spanish classes). So I though I’d wing it, and bought permanent markers and white plates from the dollar store. My creation? Sharpie Doodle Decorative Plate Display!

Pin It! sharpie doodle decorative plate display

There’s really not much to explain here. I used the plates from the pin and the overlays in the Rhonna designs app guide my doodles. Some were as close as I could get to the inspiration, others loosely influenced the doodle. I did not bake them because I do not plan on ever trying to eat off the plates.

sharpie doodle decorative plate display

Oh, but if you do happen to make a mistake (that you don’t like) or decide you want to change your doodle up completely. The acetone trick really worked. I’d left a doodle I wasn’t completely in love with on a plate for about 3 days and it still came off with a few minutes of scrubbing.

acetone removal process for sharpie on ceramic

I did take closer pictures of each plate in case anyone was interested in recreating the doodles for themselves. There are imperfections on each plate, I know, but I left them because it gave them the “doodle” feel.

for my love of house inspired sharpie doodle decorative plate

A sketch of the house in my header with stick figure trees. Oh to live in a forest sounds delightful.

pinterest copycat arrows sharpie doodle decorative plate

Feels appropriate since we are always going in a thousand directions at once in this house. Which way should we go today?

Rhonna designs inspired sharpie doodle decorative plate

A swirly feather and/or leaf wreath. I’d tell you whether or not they were leaves or feathers, but then I’d have to decide what they were. So, no.

Pinterest Copycat sharpie doodle decorative plate

This little feather is adorbs. I tried to copy the feather on the plate in the pin exactly. I just love how quirky it is.

Rhonna Designs copycat sharpie doodle decorative plate

And this one is my best at copying one of the Rhonna Designs app overlays. (Don’t worry, Rhonna doesn’t sponsor For My Love Of, although I’m not at all opposed to it!)

sharpie doodle decorative plate display

view from the sink sharpie doodle decorative plate display

I’m pretty short so my view from the sink looks a little like this. They’re fun, cute, and speak to the kind of vibe in our home. I picked up the plate hangers from Amazon, if you’re wondering.

Sharpie Doodle Decorative Plate DIsplay By ForMyLoveOf

I’m still wary of DIY plate hanging techniques. Really, I just don’t want to risk peeing the bed because one fails and a plate goes crashing to the floor in the middle of the night. So I bought the *Decorative Plate Display Hangers Are Expandable to Hold 10″ to 14 Inch Plates- Gold Coated Wire -Pack of 6 Hangers from Amazon and I don’t hate seeing the little rubber coated brass claws.

So that wraps up 6 weeks trying out Pinterest pins! Challenge accepted and completed! I’d love to know if you’ve ever doodled on your dishware before.

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