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So I Married A

Today I’m participating in something really fun! I was invited to join in with several other bloggers to do an interview with my husband concerning this blog. We’re all always interested in the dirt, so here it is! Dirty laundry and all!

And as a precursor, my husband really is a great sport about this blog. Especially considering this isn’t remotely a passion of his. I borderline envy those bloggers whose husbands have so much in the way of making things happen with their blogs (like how Justin and Cassity of Remodelaholic make an incredible duo), but my husband just isn’t that into it. He’s not a builder nor a painter. But he is so absolutely helpful on projects when I ask him to help. It’s unbelievable. I am so blessed. So, if you’re finding his answers to seem uninterested, it’s just not his “thing.” So be kind!


1. What is your favorite project Corinna has done, and why?

 Aztec wood art. Because it brought a unique presence in the room. Made it feel warm and cozy. 

2. What is your least favorite, and why?

Aztec rug [West Elm Knock Off] she did a great job but unfortunately the colors over time faded.

3. What is the one creative item or tool that Corinna cannot live without?

Her paint brush.

4. What is your biggest pet peeve about Corinna in the real world or the project and decorating realm?

She takes to many projects on at one time. 

5. If you could take Corinna on a vacation anywhere, where would she want to go?

 Florida or Australia.

6. Corinna finds $100. What does she do with it?

She is going to Michaels.

7. What is YOUR favorite room in your house and why?

The living room. This is where my entertainment is.

8. Creativity is messy, but for the most part blogs show the pretty picture. Can you tell us how Corinna is a secret slob?

 Just look at her office.

Messy Home Office For My Love Of

I have no comment…


9. Name a project or decorating adventure that you thought would be a flop but was fabulous?

Can’t really think of any.

10. Blogging takes a lot of time. Do you ever pass by Corinna while she is on the computer and secretly feel neglected?

 Sometimes but she probably feels the same when I am playing my video games.

11. Before, during, and after photos are an important part of blogging, do you remember to do that while working on projects for Corinna?

 I don’t really help all that often except  when she needs wood cut or drilled.

(he helped me hang this, and this, cut wood for this, and this and loads of other things, he’s just modest.)

12. How often do you read Corinna’s blog and do you have a favorite post?

When I see them I read them. My favorite would be the Aztec wood hanging.

13. Before changing a piece of furniture, hanging new curtains, or planning a whole room redo, does Corinna consult you or do you come home and it’s done?

She consults me all the time.

14. Does Corinna discuss her blog with you, stories from other blogs or friendships with other bloggers?

All the time.

15. Where do you think Corinna gets most of her creative inspiration; tv, magazines, online, you, or was she just born that way?

 She has to be born with it. 

16. Do you know what Pantone’s color of the year is and how do you feel about so called “girly” colors for your walls?

Not a clue.

17. If you could change one room or area of your home with no decorating advice from Corinna, what area would you choose and why?

The add on to the house. So I can make into the ultimate man cave.

18. Are you ever worried Corinna will share too much personal information or that blogging might invade your private life?

 Not to worried. 

19. Have you ever helped Corinna style photos for her blog or offer input on how you think a vignette should look?

 The most I have done was take the photo with her in it.

20. There is a saying “If walls could talk…”, what would yours say about the decorating in your bedroom?

 Pick us next.

You can check out his favorite project here:

Rustic and Aztec Inspired Giant Wood Wall Art

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But before you go, I’d like to ask you all to answer one of the questions for me! 1. What is your favorite project Corinna has done, and why? Because it helps to know what you like to see from me. And if you’d like to see more interviews with myself and/or my husband, leave a comment letting me know and the questions you want answered!

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  1. lol. I consult my hubby all the time as well. Love this series!

  2. LOL, love the office photo

  3. ha. Keep in mind that you get to retain control of the color choices if he continue to do his thing and you do yours! Fun post!

  4. i love that aztec wood art, too! and YES the photo of the office was awesome! i wanted to share my garage, but it is SOOOOO cold i didn’t want to even go outside to do it. but it’s horrrrrrrrrible.

  5. One of the things I love about this party is that so many of us have husbands who are men of few words. I think they are a perfect foil for us!

  6. For a second I thought you were sharing a photo of my office! Love all your Aztec projects! So far 18 out of 18 husbands have no clue about Pantone 😉

  7. Haha, your office looks oddly similar to my office. Except with more dog hair and less paint splotches (I’m surprised). “Pick us next” got a chuckle as well.

  8. OK…. I was enjoying reading along and then I got to the last question and I’m still giggling about the answer!

  9. About the bedroom: Pick Us Next. Love it!!!!
    Has to be my favorite answer 😉
    And again with the Pantone=no clue.
    Never gets old!

  10. So cute. You can really tell he loves what you do 🙂 xx

  11. Your aztec wood art IS pretty incredible! #10 is pretty much our story – at the end of the evening I’m on the couch blogging, he’s in the office playing games and sometimes we text each other lol!

  12. I love that aztec wood art! And your office looks like my guest bedroom!! Great post.

  13. Why is it that our master bedrooms typically fall last on the list of the ‘”to do’s”? We lived with the same (boring) master for close to 20 years before I finally changed it up! Your husband sounds like a fabulous sport — and really loves that Aztec art! 🙂

  14. Ha ha- I love that all of our spouses hear about bogland so much! And my husband wouldn’t say his pet peeve but I know it’s the exact same one as yours!

  15. These have all been such fun posts to read!!

  16. Keeping it real! Our men did an amazing job answering their questions. This was so much fun!


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