Thrift Score Thursday #55

Thrift Score Thursday Hosted by The Gathered Home, Primitive and Proper, For My Love Of, and Black and White Obsession

Hey, hey Everyone! It’s Thursday and that always means good things for Thrifters. Thrift Score Thursday is the game we play by hashtagging our finds with #ThriftScoreThursday. Do this with your finds on Twitter and Instagram and your #ThriftScoreThursday hosts will be perusing, ogling and potentially featuring your find on the blog. Full details at the end of this post, but first, let’s give some kudos to these thrifters:

1. ANATOMYOFDESIGN [Account] [Photo]- I can only imagine the jealousy for those of us eyeing these expensive chairs down welling up.


2. GRETCHPERSCHK [Account] [Photo]- This has to be the most amazing macrame piece I will ever see. So detailed!


But seriously, there were SO MANY feature worthy shots this week. You just have to go check them all out by searching for the #ThriftScoreThursday hashtag. And check me out on Instagram because I’ll be shouting out loads more finds!

For this week, I wanted to throwback to a find that my Dad actually found and gifted to me. This little clock is a favorite. It’s obviously old, but it functions perfectly. I really enjoy the way it sounds. When one of the larger blocks rotates, it makes a sound much like the ice in a glass of water shifting. It’s such a cool piece, for me at least, but I know nothing about it.

thrift score gifted clock

But Wait! There’s More! Check out the other #ThriftScoreThursday Hosts to read up on their finds and to see if you’ve been featured for using the #ThriftScoreThursday hashtag!

TST Guest Host Brandi

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The Gathered Home Thrift Score Thursday Host[Facebook] [Instagram] [Twitter]

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Interested in hosting with us for a week? Want to see your face on this fabulous little graphic? You know you want to, it’s so much fun! Shoot me an email, and we’ll get you coordinated to guest host!

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  1. how did i miss that chair!!!!! i want one just like it for my living room!

  2. That clock is so much fun! And so cool that it still works! Love all the features you picked – I think I could have picked at least 10 favorites this week and had to restrain myself. But somehow I completely missed that fantastic chair – love it!

  3. that clock is so cool! love it!

  4. Such a charming clock. So glad it still works. I’d say your dad’s a keeper ha!

  5. Such amazing finds!! Dying over that chair.

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