Thrift Score Thursday #72

Hey There Guys!

If you didn’t catch last week’s post, I want to share the announcement with you: I started a new blog! I’m getting some things updated there so please check it out, let me know what you think and what you’d like to see! See it here- A Designer At Home.

This week’s Thrift Score Thursday makes me laugh a little bit. You know when you go to a thrift store and don’t find anything you’re looking for? Better yet, you don’t find what you’re looking for but find something ridiculous and unnecessary but you have to bring it home anyways? Yeah, that’s this week 😉

But First-

Please welcome back Jess! If you haven’t yet checked out Jess, she’s @domicile37 on Instagram and has a wonderful sense of style! She’s our fabulous guest host this week so be sure to head on over there and give her some love!

TST Guest Host Domicile 37

The Features:

@thisbellerocks was excited to find The Alan Parsons Project’s “Tales of Mystery and Imagination – Edgar Allan Poe.” If I has stumbled on it, I wouldn’t have known what it was and would have just assumed it was something wacky from the 70’s.


@suite22antiques 1985 Limited Edition Bells of Sarna Christmas Bell No. 262 is for sale, though I want no part in creepy clown pieces. But it’s sure to float someone’s boat!


@kdall070 this loot shot from the blogger behind House Of Hipsters is actually something I’d want to stumble upon. It’s all so lovely!

That’s it for my Features, but you have to check out the feed! So many gorgeous pieces!

My Find:

My ridiculous and unnecessary find was this cross stitch ABC framed piece. I have no idea what I’m going to do with it. I enjoyed cross stitch a lot when I was a kid so it was probably nostalgia or something that came over me. I do like it, but I have no idea to do with it! It was cheap though, so no harm done. Maybe changing out the mat would make it a bit more useable?


PS, don’t forget that you can use the #dearTST hashtag with your thrifty finds that you want input on! We’re here to help and give our best advice!

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  1. i am in love with that chair, too! and i draw the line at brass clowns… creepy. i am totally with you there!

  2. That cross stitch piece is so fun! I think switching out (or painting or decoupaging) the mat is a great idea!

  3. Oh, heeeeeyyyyyy! I kinda like that brass clown. Just snuck a peek at your new blog, I recognize that theme! The new blog looks beautiful, but I’m a little partial. :)!!

  4. says:

    It would be great if you painted the mat cranberry and used it at Christmas

  5. This is probably why my side of the garage looks the way it does, but I figure its far better if you spend a little on something you adore than dishing out the dough on those pricier splurges. It’s super cute, and I agree with Brynne, painting that mat would bring the attention back to the piece.

  6. Nicola O. says:

    I would reframe the cross-stitch and use it at Christmas, with the bright green and red. 🙂

  7. Love the pottery and chair

  8. some interesting finds this week! I love the look that you are going forward with in your new blog. Looks great!

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